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One of the Naperville Escorts emailed a video from SNL about Schweaty Balls. And of course, it started a big discussion here at our Chicago Escort Service. Summer is coming and so is:

Hot Nuts

Swamp Balls

Sweaty Sack

Bad Breath Balls

                                         It Is Important To Un-Funk Your Junk.

But what a dilemma. There are lots of products out there. Some of them work some do not. And many are just over priced. But they do have cute names. So we here at the Chicago Escort Agency have done some research. I apologize to all the poor guys who were asked questions about hygiene and their dangly bits. But curiosity won out here at the Escort Agency, and we asked. The Naperville Escorts were the most helpful.

                                                        Cause of Schweaty Balls


Basically, moisture creates bacteria that creates yeast and voila. ODOR So keeping dry is a good way to prevent the problem. In the good old day’s guys just used talcum powder or cornstarch. But it did create a bit of a poofy white problem if too much was used. And there is also “cottage cheese dick” that comes from the white powder getting wet and balling up. YUCK.

                                                              Products We Found

But it is 2016 and science have made many advancements. Maybe! We looked at about ten products, and it was amazing how many were just talcum powder, corn starch and baking soda. The big difference now is the cute name and high price.

Fresh Balls

Dry Goods

Man Powder (corn starch and baking soda) $25

Comfy Boys

DZ Nuts

Gold Bond Medicated Powder Spray

Anti Monkey Butt


The Gold Bond Spray worked pretty well. Since your spraying it on there is not so much white POOF. But guys, please be careful it is a spray which means propellant which means cold as hell if you get too close. Let us not freeze the hairy beasts. Yes, it has been done by those not paying attention.

Two of the products were lotions that turned into powder. Now that is something we girls know about. We have been using similar products for years as a makeup base to keep it from sweating off. And another product to keep our leg creases dry and sweat free. Soon we discovered the product for our leg creases was by far cheaper than the one we used on our face. BUT they were the very same thing. Same ingredients and all. So we have been using a crotch product on our faces for years. We like to save our money for designer shoes.

                                                          What We Discovered

Since the schweaty ball products that worked the best were just a chafing powder gel. Why not use ours. It is so so much cheaper and works the same. Had several adventurous guys try it for us. All were very pleased with the results.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. The only downside is that it is stocked in the feminine product aisle. If that gives you the cold shivers then just use Fresh Balls and pay the price. Also remember to trim and air it out my dears.